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The PF400-DD48 is a DC/DC converter that converts an unstable DC voltage of 48V to 48V DC and can supply a direct current of max 15A.

Converter with current control

The 400W converter has a wide input range of 40V-87V DC. The output voltage can be set at the front between 0V and 72V and the current between 0 and 7.5A. As a result, the converter can be used for many purposes.
The maximum output power is 720W, however this depends on the input voltage and the current setting. See the datasheet for more information.


This isolated converter is short-circuit proof and protected against excessive load by constant current limiting. This current can be set by the trimmer on the front. Furthermore the DC/Dc converter has protection against overvoltage and too high temperature. If this occurs, the converter will switch itself off till the situation returns to normal.
This 48V converter also offers a galvanic separation between the input and output.

Adjustable current source 0-15A

In addition to a controllable voltage source, this converter can also be used as a controllable current source with DC input. The PF400-DD48 has a strict current limit, so that the maximum current can be set precisely with the help of an Ammeter.
Because of this the converter can also be used as a battery charger (IU-charger) or a led driver.


Converters are used in situations where a DC voltage of a certain value has to be brought to a higher or lower value. It can also be used to make a stable voltage from an unstable voltage.

Some application examples are:

  • Power supply for PLCs or control boards
  • Led driver (current source)
  • Battery charger from a higher or lower DC voltage
  • Increase or decrease the height of the boat or vehicle
  • To stabilize the voltage of sustainable energy generation

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