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The LY50-DD12-B is a DC/DC converter that converts a DC voltage of 24V to % VDC_NOM_OUT% DC and can supply a direct current of maximum% I_MAX%.

24V to 12V converter

This 50.4W converter has a wide input range of 19V -36V DC. The output voltage can be set at the front between 11V and 16V DC, so that the DC/DC converter can be used for many purposes.
The insulated converter is short-circuit proof and is protected against overload, overvoltage and too high a temperature. If this occurs, the converter will switch itself off. When the situation returns to normal, the converter switches itself on again.
This 12V converter also offers a galvanic separation between the input and output.


Inverters are used in situations where a DC voltage of a certain value has to be brought to a higher or lower value. It can also be used to make a stable voltage from an unstable voltage, or to separate two circuits from each other.

Some application examples are:

  • Power supply for PLCs or control boards
  • Power supply for peripherals
  • Raise or lower the voltage of a¬†vehicle
  • Stabilize the voltage of renewable energy generation

The DC/DC converters from the LY series have a favorable price and often it’s possible to customize the DC/DC converter to your needs. Inform about the possibilities.

Wide range

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