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The CT120-PS60 is a stabilised switched power supply (smps) that converts an AC voltage from 230V to 60V.

Due to the large temperature range, this switched power supply also functions well at both very low and very high ambient temperatures. The charger/power supply can be easily clicked onto a DIN rail.

Output 60 Volt DC – 2A

This 60V DIN rail power supply is short-circuit proof and can supply a direct current of up to 2A and a power of 120W.

The output voltage is adjustable on the top side between 57V and 66V, making the power supply suitable for many purposes. Due to the ideal IU characteristic of this power supply, it is not only short-circuit proof, but can also be used for complex loads or as a battery charger (IU charging characteristic).

Furthermore, this power supply has a DC-OK alarm contact and can be connected in parallel to multiply the output power of 120W.

CT series

The CT series power supplies are characterised by high industrial quality, high efficiency and great operational reliability.

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