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Stabilized 585V power supply

Below is an overview of all 585V power supplies. These power supplies are stabilized, short-circuit proof and can be set to 585 V DC output.
If you are looking for a power supply that converts an AC voltage of 110V or 230V to 585V DC, then we can help you.

585 V DC power overview

This overview is automatically generated from DWE’s wide product range. We therefore recommend that you check in the datasheet whether the power supply at 585V output voltage can provide enough power for your application.
If you need help here, we would be happy to hear that. You can send a message with your requirements and we will provide you with the appropriate power supply.
We deliver to companies and to individuals.

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power supply 0V to 560V, 5A current source, 3200W isolated, rear
In 230VAC
Instelbereik 0 - 840VDC
Power 3200W
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