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DC/DC converter to 24V

A DC/DC converter converts applied DC voltage to a stable DC voltage of 24V.
DWE supplies DC/DC converters with various input voltages over a wide range and different output voltages.

Select a 24V DC/DC converter

In the table below you can easily find the 24V converter you are looking for.
In the column Input Vnom you lookup the input voltage that applies to your situation. If your voltage is not listed choose the nearest value.
The column Output Vnom indicates the output voltage, in this case 24V.
This voltage is adjustable for many types. By clicking on the info_outline you can read this and other additional information.
In the column Inom you can read the current which the 24V converter can deliver continuously. The power of the DC/DC converter is shown in the last column.

Converter found?

Have you found the right converter you can click on the article number to go to the product. There you can easily request a quote.

Do you need help in making a choice? Or is it just not what you are looking for? Do not hesitate to contact us.
We have a large network of suppliers and can help you further.

Article nr.
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info_outline LY50-DD24-A 12V DC 24V DC 2.1A 50.4W
info_outline LY50-DD24-B 24V DC 24V DC 2.1A 50.4W
info_outline LY50-DD24-BC 36V DC 24V DC 2.1A 50.4W
info_outline LY50-DD24-C 48V DC 24V DC 2.1A 50.4W
info_outline PF400-DD24 48V DC 24V DC 15A 400W
info_outline LY50-DD24-CD 72V DC 24V DC 2.1A 50.4W
info_outline PF400-DD24 72V DC 24V DC 22A 550W