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Converters DC/AC & DC/DC

Transformers are split into 2 categories, these are:

  • A: Type DC/AC (inverter)
    In this type of transformer a DC-voltage (battery) is transformed to AC voltage (230V-50Hz).
    The standard input voltage is 12V, 24V or 48V. The output voltage is 230V, 50Hz sinus. The inverters are available in output powers ranging from 200W to 3500W.
    All inverters are protected against overload and overheating.
  • B: Type DC/DC (converter)
    With this type of transformer the input DC voltage is transformed to a DC voltage with a different value to the input DC voltage.
    DWE supplies DC/DC converters with input DC voltages from 12V – 120V and an output voltage of 12V or 24V. The output power is 100W, 200W or 360W.